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Welcome to Squirrel Star Kennels

Opening Forewords

Squirrel Star Kennel's manager and owner is one miss Alue Knightengale. She was the heir to the title of the land of her grandmother, Lilian's property and was the only child or grandchild to see it's potential. Since the foundation of Burling, Ontario's kennel the population has seen the increase in working stock and showing stock entering parade grounds and making the small town a name in the ring.

It was her goal when she commenced the kennel to make stock that have a high work drive and standards which were acceptable in the ring as well. She believes strongly in breeding for quality over quantity and that the dogs should be treated well.

No dog in Squirrel Star Kennels is forced into jobs but instead through careful selection as a puppy are found work they both enjoy and are suited for. This may at times lead dogs outside of traditional work for their species but it is the choice her kennel makes for the best suited nature of each dog in its care.

The breeding and sale rules can be found in our gallery and we are proud to have affiliation with fierfairy42, RoyalFront, BlackestQueen and Red--Water.

Above Shown is the Squirrel Star Kennel's Map Of Facilities

Meet The Staff

With our lovely staff we look forward to containing our overwhelming success.

- Kylie is a blonde haired girl standing 5 foot even with pale skin that is dusted with freckles. She is about 23 years old and has been with Alue the longest. She is the nutrient guru of the Kennels with a great personality and a willingness to help anyone find their way around.

- Kye is a black haired male with broad shoulders and one of the two maintenance men employed at the facility. His twin brother Cole also works there. Kye has a friendly nature and he is the one who is most often cutting wood and building new things or repairing new things. He started working a few months before the grand opening and fell in love with the job. He is a quiet speaking guy and most dogs love him

- Cole is the class clown and the other maintenance worker. He loves to work in the most miserable of weathers. He has deep black hair and blue eyes unlike his brothers green eyes. He is the one who is always running around repairing paint jobs however even he had to admit defeat in the military and protection barn as no one could keep up with the holes blasted in the wood there. He has a happy go attitude to everything. He is the more easy to find twin as he is nearly 6 foot tall with broad muscular shoulders and the one not in the workshop most

- Grace is a fun loving girl of about 25 and has been with the ranch itself for years. Lilian was fond of her as a vet right until the day she died. She mixes both holistic and practical medicine with the dogs and works closely with Kylie for the benefit of all the dogs. She is quirky and about the only one who isn't afraid to but heads with Alue. Some of the others joke they are about as stubborn as the other is so it is a fair match

Above Shown is the Layout Of An Average Kennel

Focused Breeds

Squirrel Star Kennel's has recently shifted from their focus on numerous breeds to just two. One is the Canadian Shepherd Dog which is native to the country of the kennel. They are hard working stockier dogs with long coats. These dogs are registered to CSD-registry and are all well titled. They are team and pack animals with the instinct to thrive in a land of cold and snow. Although working dogs in the AKC system of judging these gentle giants are animals which are highly loyal and driven animals willing to put their life down in defense of their owner if they are called to do so.

The second focus breed is a long way from the sandy heat laden land of Egypt and will for the most part be the animals that excel in hunting trials with the muscle being the Canadian Shepherd Dogs for background. They are the newest breed at the kennel and although numbers are rising they are growing in the area of the kennel for their hunting abilities. It is suspected that these craft small and agile hounds will be found in the region more and more heavily in the years to come for their loyalty and perseverance in the hunt however it is worth noting they are not highly tolerant of cold which means they will be focused to wear coats and gear in the winter. These dogs are registered to CanisNudari

Above Shown is the Squirrel Star Kennel's Ranch House Facility

Notable Awards and Accomplishments


Although we started here we no longer use the group however it is worth noting that the older animals in our kennel are titled to the nines and mostly honored and world class dogs for this system.

We are also approved Assured Breeders in the TKC. They have recognized Squirrel Star Kennel's as a breeder who makes pups who are sound of mind and body and within the standards of their own breeds. If a pup is deemed to be ill bred it will be noted as non standard for the potential owner to know. We also keep an eye on the progress of our dogs and their offspring. This has helped to strengthen the credibility of the kennel enough to see it break away to other things outside of the TKC.

In addition to this we are certified to pass out CACIBs and RCACIBs at shows around the world through TKC. The judging of these shows are our pleasure and if anyone is ever seeking to find a judge for CACIBs to be handed out at a show simply ask us we will most likely say yes to you (aka unless in EXAMS)

International Champion Requirement Journal found here :


Moving on from Kennel Club the foundation of Mondial-Kennel-Club became a passion. The group which is being rewarded for its inclusiveness has recently seen additions to its ranks and are proud to be a part of that. Alue had personally made it her mission to bring the community of the world together in a group which credits all the kennel clubs around the world and brings them together. In addition to this Squirrel Star Kennels has the ability to hand out Awards of Excellence (AOEs) at sport shows which can be used to redeem Mondial Kennel Club's Working Champion and Grand Champion Titles.

The Champions and Grand Champions

CH. *SS* Vimy Ridge

TKC's Champion Canadian Shepherd black doe female, 3 years of age, Vimy Ridge. She is the first of her color ever in CSD's making her rare for it in addition to the rare doe pattern. She is fast becoming a reckoning to her older sister Bubbly

Divider II by RBSRdesigns Divider II by RBSRdesigns Divider II by RBSRdesigns

WCH. *SS* Rocky Road

MKC's Working Champion Canadian Shepherd Dog brown piebald agouti, 3 years of age, Rocky Road. He is a strong large male who is a bit larger than any other dog in the kennel minus Bubbly. He is the first male to be championed in the kennel and the first dog to ever earn Mondial Kennel Club's Grand Champion title.

Divider II by RBSRdesigns Divider II by RBSRdesigns Divider II by RBSRdesigns

WCH. CH. *SS* Honor's Bubbly

TKC's Champion Canadian Shepherd Dog brown collared Irish, 3 years of age, Honor's Bubbly. MKC's second up to date working champion. Bubbly was the first CSD of the kennel to ever earn her champion titles in any group and has since been the crown jewel of the Canadian Shepherd Dogs of Squirrel Star Kennels. She is the standard held to by her siblings and what they are striving to see and although being threatened on all sides to be toppled this queen of the kennel is arguably Alue's favorite female both for her temperament and success.

Divider II by RBSRdesigns Divider II by RBSRdesigns Divider II by RBSRdesigns

WCH. *SS* Echos of Rebellion

MKC's Working Champion Canis Nudari Light Dune Tri Colored, 3 years of age, Echo's of Rebellion. Echo was the first Canis Nudari of the kennel and has since been the first to earn her MKC Working Championship. She is highly titled and experienced and the mother of two litters. She is the queen of Nudari at the kennel both for her fire and her dominance. She has been successful and is the queen of the kennel.

Divider II by RBSRdesigns Divider II by RBSRdesigns Divider II by RBSRdesigns

WCH. *SS* Rebellion Rising From The Ashes

MKC's Working Champion Canis Nudari Sand Dune Tri Colored, 3 years of age, Rebellion Rising From The Ashes. Rebel was the second Canis Nudari of the kennel and has since been the second to earn his MKC Working Championship. He is well titled and even tempered. He won't attack people and is a fine leader but willing to give it up to a more dominant leader.

Divider II by RBSRdesigns Divider II by RBSRdesigns Divider II by RBSRdesigns

WCH. *SS* Phantom Of Rebellion

MKC's Working Champion Canis Nudari Dark Dune Tri Colored, 3 years of age, Phantom of My Heart. Phantom was the fourth Canis Nudari of the kennel and has since been the third to earn her MKC Working Championship. She is a rising star and the most submissive of the entire pack.

Divider II by RBSRdesigns Divider II by RBSRdesigns Divider II by RBSRdesigns

CH. Red Hot Rum

TKC's Champion Canadian Shepherd Dog, Red Doe Pattern With Minimal White, 3 years of age, Red Hot Rum. Rum is the biggest male on the entire property. He has proven himself to be of showing qualifty much like his twin sister Vim and his older sister Bubbly. He is the first male in the kennel to earn his championship and is highly titled and prized by the kennel.

CH. Evening Twilight

TKC's Champion Canadian Shepherd Dog, Husky Doe , 2 years of age, Evening Twilight.
Twilight might not be from a known pedigree as is the case of her predecessors but the smallest full grown female on the property shows she is ready to go and prove herself. Leader of the imported dogs she is a fiery rival to anyone against her. She will not back down in a fight for first place and has her eyes on the queen of the kennel.

CH. Sucre A La Creme

TKC's Champion Canadian Shepherd Dog, Light Brown Minimal White Reverse Brindle, 1.6 years of age, Sucre A La Creme. Sucre is the youngest of the kennel dogs to ever earn her title of champion. She might not be old yet but highly titled and every growing this female shows the promise of a true champion. She refuses to back down and will do anything for her handler. Though she may lack the experience or dominance of the current queen, Bubbly she is a sidekick to the queen. Where one goes she is. She will be a threat to the queen as she ages.


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